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Our Services

Menlo Technical Consulting offers a wide variety of technical services:
Security Consulting

  • Penetration testing, site audits
  • Security enhancements / firewall upgrades
  • Troubleshooting slow machines, networks and server problems
  • CRM, ERP, EMR advocacy and brokering
  • New server installations
  • Active Directory Audits
  • Virus, Trojan, worm, rootkit spyware removal
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Website design and development consulting (SEO & eCommerce)

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Questions For Your Information Technology Design

Is your staff using technologies to regularly monitor and respond to hackers trying to get into your network?

Have you updated your hardware firewall within the last two years? Does it protect against China and Russia from attempting to infiltrate your private data?

Are the corporate laptops which go off-site, carefully monitored while out of the office and in the field? Are infected machines quarantined to avoid unintentional internal corporate network havoc?

Are you satisfied with how well your business information is protected from network invasions and breaches?

Are you actively up to date on regulatory IT requirements for your financial transactions (PCI-DSS) or Medical HIPAA (Hi-Tech)

Have you designed human resource (HR) policies to prevent disgruntled or past employees from accessing company private information, and immediately isolate their access and machine if they are being let go?

Is your IT department auditing and verifying offsite backups, to make sure they work?

Do you know if you or your business partners are protecting the data you give to them (like email addresses and private corporate data)?


All of these questions are the kinds of details Menlo Technology pays attention to. We are here to be your business advocate and want to help you be better and dealing with your technologies, so you can better operateĀ  your business.