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What we do

About Our Company

Our company is your best resource for on-site IT services, technology advocacy, and corporate computer policy updates. Established to provide fast, honest and affordable consulting services to businesses, Menlo Technical Consulting focuses on securing business data, making sure there are viable backups off site, securing networks against the most modern types of pernicious infections, and and helps with all regulatory adherence and intellectual property protection. Why hire someone full time, who may not be trained in the most current trends of IT security? You can hire a specialist from Menlo Technical Consulting, who will quickly clean up your machines and be sure to organize your business data.

Our consultancy has decades of experience in setting up, securing and repairing desktops, laptops and servers. We also have a great expertise in upgrading networks in large scale environments that have mixed vendor products. We have a deep knowledge of repairing desktops, notebooks, netbooks and laptops running Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 10, Apple OS X, Ubuntu, SUSE and Red Hat.

We can help prepare your business for additional employee growth, multi office technology upgrades, we often help negotiate big corporate technology purchases.

Our goal is to provide the most professional full service computer support to small businesses. We make sure the proper people have access to all your IT information. We will even let you know if the cost of a repair exceeds the cost of upgrading a system, BEFORE the work has started!)

Service Areas

We have clients in Charlotte North Carolina, Southeast Michigan, Northern California Bay Area, & Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, WA

Most clients require initial on-site help and adjustments. Once this has been set up properly, we service our clients remotely for most issues and updates. (Additional travel charges and expenses may apply, depending on the location and scope of work).