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Server backups are essential to all businesses. The recent news of ransomware which has attacked numerous hospitals in various countries is not a new type of attack. While IT security professionals have warned businesses small and large to ‘take action’ and pay for higher quality security measures, typically this is ignored until an ‘event’ happens. This is where backups come into play for all businesses.

It is essential that businesses, especially small businesses, spend the additional money every month on a valid  off site backup. For the annual cost of less than one ransom payment, a company can properly back up their most vital data.

There are several preferred vendors that Menlo Technical uses, but Code42, who are the creators of Crashplan, does an excellent job of giving control to the businesses of their data back up, including daily reports on success or failure of each and backup. Crashplan products from Code42 are very secure and their software is very reliable. They also have a very strong suite of encryption for your data BEFORE it leaves the building, in case your network traffic is interrupted by pirates and government intelligence groups.

Signing up for products are easy. Their Code42 pricing is reasonable and their support pages are very clear and set up could not be quicker.  The sooner you sign up for off site backup, the sooner you can feel reassured of protecting yourself against ransomware attacks. The average for personal home user ransom amounts are between $100-$500. For bigger Hospital Pays Ransom for their data like hospitals, they run into $10,000 Р$1Million.