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Menlo Technical is an Information Technology (IT) Consulting firm specializing in securing new and existing businesses through site auditing and reconstruction of all aspects of IT from employee computer use policies to corporate networks and everything in between.

Menlo Technology Consulting Services:

  • Small Business IT Security Updates
  • Server Data Backup Solutions
  • Business Desktop and Laptop Repairs
  • Network Speed Enhancements
  • Mobile Device Tablet Security Configurations
  • Complete IT Security Overhauls
  • Security Audits
  • CRM, ERP, EMR advocacy
  • Cloud Services Upgrades - Servers, Databases, Backups
  • New Server Installations
  • Firewall Replacements
  • Bringing Medical, Retail and Accounting Businesses into "Practical" Current IT Regulation
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What Our Clients are Saying:

"I was in Dubai and my laptop would no longer connect to my email account. I called Menlo Technical. They were able to connect to my machine over the Internet and repair the problem for me within 20 minutes! Invaluable service to my business."

Washington DC