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Our Services

Menlo Technical Consulting is an IT Service Provider offering IT Security Services to small businesses, epcializing in dental / medical offices to help protect their offices from cyber hacking:

Security Consulting

  • Strong familiarity with HIPAA regulations
  • Diagnosing problems in offices using many medical specific software products
  • Offer monthly updates to all machines and databases
  • Specialize in administrative workflow management
  • Troubleshoot slow machines, networks and server performance problems
  • New server installation
  • Network Monitoring
  • Virus, Trojan, worm, rootkit spyware removal
  • Reliable Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Help businesses improve their Google Standings (SEO & eCommerce)

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Questions For Your Business IT:

Is your office manager aware of who in the staff has access to which files on the network?

Do you which employees have access to your cloud services?

Do you regularly update your computers and servers on a monthly basis?

Have you replaced your firewall within the last two years? Does your firewall protect against China and Russia from attempting to infiltrate your private data? (Geo-IP filtering)

Are the corporate laptops which go off-site, reviewed upon return to make sure they are not infecting the corporate server?

Does your office undergo annual HIPAA audits?

Are you actively up-to-date on regulatory IT requirements for both your financial transactions (PCI-DSS) and Medical HIPAA (Hi-Tech)?

Have you designed human resource (HR) policies to prevent disgruntled or past employees from accessing company private information?

Do you have passwords to all your business online accounts, and provide only the details to the employees who need access to those accounts?

Are your backups being verifying to recover files, and off stored site?

Do you know if you or your business partners are protecting the data you give to them (like email addresses and private corporate data)?

All of these questions are the kinds of details Menlo Technology pays attention to for your business. We designed a consulting practice to be the business IT advocates for owners / operators, and allow your business to run so you can spend more time operating your business.